Company Initiatives

Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato is committed to delivering safe and tasty sweet potatoes to our customers.

Everyone, from small children to senior citizens, adores sweet potatoes.
Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato is constantly striving to live up to our customers' wishes to "enjoy safe food." We advance such efforts through joint research and the exchange of information and opinions with our contract farms, the producers of the sweet potatoes.


Response to the new standards limiting radioactive substance levels announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

To ensure that our customers can enjoy our sweet potatoes with a full sense of reassurance, Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato conducts pre-shipment inspections to confirm that all produce scheduled for delivery fall within the required standards.


Pre-shipment inspection / Daily voluntary inspection

Daily voluntary inspection

image Screening tests are conducted using the NMU12 Food Radiation Measurement System, a conveyor-style inspection machine. This system can inspect all the sweet potatoes in the orange containers.

Monthly inspections by an external organization

image Inspection methods based on gamma ray micro-spectrometry using a germanium semiconductor detector are conducted (compliant with measurement methods stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).


Calbee Kaitsuka Sweet Potato conducts regular tests on agricultural chemical residues based on the Food Safety Basic Act and provides the test results to the general public.